My tryst with Snaps and Bitmojis!

As part of the virtual marketing internship with Turtle (powered by releaseMyAd), we had to upload a Snapchat/Whatsapp story, and get some eyeballs on it and create some buzz in the process. Now for all the hype around Snapchat, I never really realized its worth. I use social media to record my life for eternity. What’s the point of a message that self-destructs in 24 hours? Neither is life Mission Impossible nor am I Ethan Hunt. 😛

I have to say I was pretty wrong. I got a taste of Snapchat because of this task and I loved every bit of it. Especially the filters and Bitmojis that can be added to every snap. So I brainstormed and thought what better story to chronicle on Snapchat than my entry into Turtle. 😀
While I created the snaps on Snapchat, I knew I would get more eyeballs on Whatsapp thanks to the simple fact that all my friends were on it, unlike Snapchat. Ultimately, isn’t that’s what Marketing is all about – to connect to as many people in your target demographic?

Here’s my story. (A lot of effort went into making my virtual Bitmoji avatar. Isn’t there an uncanny resemblance? 😛 😀 )


I started getting views soon.

And messages started pouring soon afterward from friends too, appreciating how fun it looked (some of them shared below) and how cool Turtle must be. I guess I realized then that my work was done. What fun it was!

Do let me know what you thought of this fun experiment in the comments. Till next time!


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