The Beginning – My Way to Turtle Internship


So my MBA in MDI Gurgaon ended in February and the convocation was done and dusted in March. With my joining in Hewlett Packard postponed to September, I was looking for avenues to keep myself busy. A 2-3 month long internship seemed the right way to go. I applied to tons of internships and got through many too. I was choosy as to where I wanted to devote my time to. One marketing internship caught my eye because it was with one of the most popular apparel companies in India, Turtle.

I already had experience with apparel thanks to my summer internship during my MBA with United Colors of Benetton and as a result, I had fair knowledge of the industry. While that was an Operations internship and the scope of the project was much larger, the internship at Turtle was in marketing and that too digital marketing. It covered everything from Social Media Marketing to Brand Communications to PR to SEO to Business Development and B2B Marketing. It would be the perfect opportunity to work out any kinks in my digital marketing knowledge. As it was a virtual internship, I could easily do it from the comfort of my home sitting in my pajamas without having to travel to office in this hot and humid weather . It got me excited as Marketing is something I love! So I decided to apply for the internship immediately and completed my application process. Soon after a few days, I got the offer letter.

So here it is. This is just the start of an exciting journey over a period of 7 weeks. Thanks to releaseMyAd’s structured internship program, it already looks like a lot of fun. Here’s hoping for lots of learning and even more fun.


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