The Culmination of my Turtle Internship

I won’t say much here. Here’s a video that says it all.

It was fun. It was cool. It was amazing!


3 Wardrobe Essential Combos Every Man Must Have In His Closet

Now if you are someone like me who cares a lot about what they wear on which occasion, you would understand the pain of going through the motions every time you have to go outside, especially if it is a nice occasion and everyone expects you to look ‘prim and proper’. Mixing and matching clothes can be a really tough job for us guys (C’mon ladies, we understand we are not great at this like you but kindly cut us some slack for at least trying to understand this mystical art! 😛 ). So it makes sense to have certain combos ready for every occasion to save both time and effort and thus avoid the brain-racking that invariably comes with it every time. You do not have to spend a bomb to look good. The right clothing at the right time can not only make you look good but feel good too. As they say, clothes maketh a man!

I am not a tech mogul and I cannot afford to wear the same attire every day, everywhere (yes, I am looking at you, Mark Zuckerberg and rest in peace, Steve Jobs).

For us lesser mortals, here are some classic combinations that are actually a must in every man’s wardrobe.

1. Polo and Chinos


A Polo T-shirt is the epitome of Smart Casuals. It looks smart yet casual. It is a great, versatile piece of clothing that you can wear to the office or to a dinner date. A good Polo T-shirt fits like a glove and accentuates the good parts of your physique while hiding the imperfections. Pair it with the right chinos and moccasins and you are set!
Chinos no longer need to be only khaki-coloured. They come in all sorts of colours, thus making them the perfect complement to your Polo. Slim and straight fit chinos look great on most body-types. They have this timeless quality about them and if you are bored of wearing your jeans everywhere, it is high time to invest in a nice pair of chinos. Make sure the fabric for both the Polo and the chinos are 100% cotton for maximum comfort.

Polo – Buy it here

Chinos – Buy it here

Matching Belt – Buy it here

2. The Classic Tuxedo

Classic Tuxedo

The name’s Bond. James Bond.

We have all wanted to be the suave, debonair 007 at some point of our lives. Although it would take years of training to get into MI6, you can easily look as good as Bond in a matter of minutes with the classic tuxedo on yourself. Be it the Oscars or our very own Desi Filmfare awards, you would see the biggest male stars don a tux to look their part. After all, a Tux is the very embodiment of the word ‘Dapper’.

Tuxedos are meant to be worn as evening wear at formal, high-profile events. For the jacket, both peaked lapels and shawl collars are acceptable, though the wrong fit would spell doom for the entire ensemble. Though many people have started wearing white Tuxedos nowadays, the classic Tuxedo is black and is supposed to be worn with a classic white shirt. The trousers are made of the same material as the jacket and should be high-waisted. Though a cummerbund is ideal for a tux, a decent black leather belt works fine too. No Tux is complete without the timeless black bow-tie and the elegant black Oxford shoes. Make sure to team the Tux with the right accessories like tasteful-looking cufflinks and a matching pocket-square.

Tuxedo – Buy it here

Formal White Shirt – Buy it here

Bow-tie – Buy it here

Black Leather Belt – Buy it here

Cuff-links – Buy it here

Pocket Square – Buy it here

3. Cotton/Linen Shirt and Blue Jeans

Linen Shirt

Now you must have heard every fashion guru worth his/her salt, swear by the classic combination of a crisp white shirt and distressed blue jeans. They were not wrong. While a white formal shirt has already been listed above as an essential, when it comes to blue denim pants or jeans as we better know them, a casual cotton or linen shirt as a match is as perfect as it can get. The good thing about the humble white shirt is that it goes well with all shades of blue. It is quite likely that this combo will never go out of fashion (hasn’t since the time the Neanderthals walked on Earth 😛 ). So when you simply cannot decide what to wear, just grab your white shirt and blue jeans to put an end to your crisis. Even when you decide to chill by the beach, it is perfect. Just make sure that the fabric of your shirt is either cotton or linen so that it is breathable and you stay cool. Also, don’t forget the hat, yeah?

White Linen Shirt – Buy it here or here

Blue Jeans – Buy it here

Fedora Hat – Buy it here


For more such awesome clothes, check out Turtle’s latest F/w ’17 collection here. It is a one-stop shop for all your Menswear needs. So what are you waiting for? Shop Now!

One Turtle’s Relentless Drive to Save Another

This post originally was posted on Linkedin:

This article was written to highlight the amazing drive of the company to make turtle conservation an integral part of its CSR strategy. Turtle Limited has been associated with such programs for nearly a decade now. The rationale of choosing this topic to write about on Linkedin instead of promoting its new collection or its Khadi initiatives was simple. The audience on Linkedin is different from that of any social network and expect other things. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc. are all informal media, while professionals swarm Linkedin. Moreover, Turtle Limited already had a stellar Linkedin presence vis-a-vis its competitors. What intrigued me was it had been a while that it had posted on the great CSR work it was doing, whereas brands like United Colors of Benetton had been already posting about its initiatives a lot. Given the demographic Linkedin appeals to, it made sense to post something about the company or its employees or its social work instead of promoting its business. It ends up saying a lot about the ethos of the company and makes the company appealing to stakeholders other than the direct customers. So the focus was on humanising the company and the brand. I hope Turtle comes up with employee life stories or behind the scenes glimpses on its Linkedin page soon. Till then, here is my article:

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR might just be a buzzword or a marketing tactic for most companies but for the Indian Menswear company Turtle Limited, it has been an integral part of its identity for many years now. Turtle has always been a company with conscience and one of the biggest elements of its CSR strategy has been to save the endangered turtle.

Turtles have been on Earth for millions of years but are currently disappearing into extinction due to human activity. Turtle Limited has been associated with various turtle conservation programs like the Olive Ridley Turtles’ conservation efforts by Wildlife Society of Orissa, for more than a decade. It has also entered into a partnership with Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA), a global organisation that works for the conservation of fresh-water turtles. Turtle Limited played a prominent role in the rehabilitation of turtles in Rabindra Sarobar, Kolkata.

In 2015, it came up with the ingenious #SaveLittleShelly campaign. This campaign was launched on the occasion of World Turtle Day to support its conservation efforts. It was a unique campaign that was launched in four parts on YouTube and focussed on the turtle Shelly’s journey from her nest to the sea. At the end of each part, viewers were asked to like the video to help Shelly complete her journey. Each part was released only after the previous part received a certain number of likes. People, eager to watch Shelly’s journey, were engaged right from the start. The idea behind the campaign was to make people aware of the real situation and plight of the turtles who were on the verge of extinction. This campaign generated a lot of buzz on social media and got people talking about a topic they mostly were unaware about while also bringing in lots of donations for the conservation of the turtles and their environment.

The Blindspot, in association with Premasree, is Turtle Limited‘s latest initiative in this direction. Turtle believes it is all about opening your heart to light and sometimes, darkness can pave the way to that light. If people who have never seen a turtle before in their lives can understand and appreciate the beauty of this creature, why can’t the rest of the world? Watch this heartwarming video to witness for yourself the amazing brilliance of the Premasree children:

Turtle Limited has been committed to the cause of turtle conservation for many years now, paving the way for others to join this cause and showing the world that it is a company that keeps the planet before profits and the society before itself. It has proven time and again that it excels at not just coming up with stylish and trendy designs in clothing but also in empathy and social responsibility.

Isn’t Turtle doing amazing work? While it continues its untiring efforts, here’s hoping more people join in and keep the fight to save these beautiful creatures alive.

Old Friends Twitter and Quora… Reloaded

Whatever I have done till now in this internship has mostly been new to me. But being re-introduced to old buddies like Twitter and Quora was refreshing for me. Now I have been on Twitter since 2009 but I had realised I would never get similar audience as Facebook on it. I didn’t even need to be a celeb, a pseudo-celeb wannabe would have sufficed. So for me, Twitter had been reduced to mostly following famous, influential people. Same applied for Quora. I had been on Quora for the longest time but had not answered a single question till my Quora task.

Thanks to this internship, my passive relationship with these platforms became slightly more active. Firstly, I got to write my first answers on Quora. While upvotes really boost you up, it’s the joy of sharing what you know with others that takes the cake. Do upvote my answers if you like them (self-promotion alert 😛 ) :


With Twitter, I needed to make the tweets stand out to grasp the attention of the followers. In my experience, videos and images work better than plain text and have better user-engagement. The fact that it was Independence Day made me realise that I should focus on the wonderful work that Turtle is doing in the Handwoven department. They have not only embodied ‘Make in India’ but also redefined the beloved ‘Khadi’. After all, no one does Handwoven like Turtle.

twitter 1.png

twitter 2.png

It was really cool to work on these tasks. Actually all the tasks till now have been utterly satisfying experiences in terms of learning and fun. It has been perhaps the most holistic attempt at Content and Social Media Marketing for me till date. Of course, the journey has not ended. Bigger challenges await in the remaining stages but the excitement is at its peak.

Let’s Get the Creative Juices Flowing

I tend to run away from work that requires even the most basic of Photoshop skills. I have this innate Photoshop phobia because of which I had never dreamt of ever designing a poster by myself. Well what can I say? Turtle (powered by releaseMyAd) made me do this too and to give them credit, it was fun. I agree what I made would not have required a design maestro but now, to give me credit, it was not a bad first attempt. 😛 My phobia is still intact but I have learnt that there are easier tools to get simple design tasks done, thanks to releaseMyAd. It’s nice they do not believe in the old way of just throwing the kid at the deep end of the pool but actually take efforts to guide you and teach you the required tools first.

I made two posters finally and was unable to decide which one was better. I took an opinion poll and though I think the first one is better, many have told me the opposite. Let me know your pick in the comments.

Now in another task, I had to write catchy slogans for three Turtle designs and post them on Instagram as a carousel. I think I did slightly better in this round because personally I like all the three slogans and that almost never happens 😀 (no, not coz I wrote them but coz they are cool. 😛 I maybe a wee-bit self-obsessed but am not a narcissist for God’s sake!). Again if you have time, please let me know what you think of the slogans – good, bad, great, trash, anything.

I also introduced teasers for Turtle on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These teasers were meant to ‘tease’ the junta about the then-upcoming F/W’17 collection of Turtle. I never knew that teasers can be this powerful a weapon in the arsenal of a digital marketer. But thanks to this task, I realised how widely used they are by brands all over the world. I honestly have no excuse for my ignorance. I only cared about movie teasers till date. 😦 But to again give credit where it’s due, the folks at releaseMyAddo make sure that as an intern, you get a taste of everything and even though you might be just a budding marketer, you stay up-to-date about everything cool in new-age marketing. Here’s a glimpse of some of those teasers. Again opinions are most welcome in the comment section.

1st FB.png


fb 2.png

fb 3.png

That’s all for now, folks. Till next time, ciao!


Market Research and Competitor Analysis. The Turtle Way.

Now in this internship, the focus is always on the well-rounded development of an intern. It never focuses on just one aspect of marketing but covers everything that one can think of. Thus it made perfect sense to include two of the most important tasks a marketer has to perform, Market Research and Competitor Analysis, in the next rounds.

For Competitor Analysis, I had to analyse the design and performance of various social media handles and the websites of Turtle’s competitors. Since we had to choose three competitors, I decided to focus on biggies like Arvind Lifestyle Brands and ABFRL. While some brands used recommendation engines for full attire suggestions, some used User-Generated Content (UGC) on its social media handles to connect with its target audience while some others had other ‘tricks up their sleeves’ (like customised clothing) to attract the customers . I did come up with three suggestions for Turtle based on my analysis. There will be no bigger reward for me than to see Turtle implement them in the future.

For Market Research, my focus was to understand what drives people to either buy from or to avoid Turtle as a brand. You are most welcome to fill your own answers here:

During my MBA, I have made and circulated tons of surveys to people. But I put in extra-effort for this survey to make sure that the survey helps me to derive maximum insights yet does not bore the survey-taker with an extra long form and also has a logical flow to the questions. Thus, the survey was divided into three parts for three sections of people, one for existing Turtle customers, one for brand-aware non-customers and the third for those who knew nothing about the brand ‘Turtle’. Every section gave me new insights and helped me understand the consumer behaviour better.

I believe that for the interns who have had no exposure till date to either Market Research or Competitor Analysis, these tasks would be a great introduction. This is also a great learning experience for those who have worked on these earlier.

My tryst with Snaps and Bitmojis!

As part of the virtual marketing internship with Turtle (powered by releaseMyAd), we had to upload a Snapchat/Whatsapp story, and get some eyeballs on it and create some buzz in the process. Now for all the hype around Snapchat, I never really realized its worth. I use social media to record my life for eternity. What’s the point of a message that self-destructs in 24 hours? Neither is life Mission Impossible nor am I Ethan Hunt. 😛

I have to say I was pretty wrong. I got a taste of Snapchat because of this task and I loved every bit of it. Especially the filters and Bitmojis that can be added to every snap. So I brainstormed and thought what better story to chronicle on Snapchat than my entry into Turtle. 😀
While I created the snaps on Snapchat, I knew I would get more eyeballs on Whatsapp thanks to the simple fact that all my friends were on it, unlike Snapchat. Ultimately, isn’t that’s what Marketing is all about – to connect to as many people in your target demographic?

Here’s my story. (A lot of effort went into making my virtual Bitmoji avatar. Isn’t there an uncanny resemblance? 😛 😀 )


I started getting views soon.

And messages started pouring soon afterward from friends too, appreciating how fun it looked (some of them shared below) and how cool Turtle must be. I guess I realized then that my work was done. What fun it was!

Do let me know what you thought of this fun experiment in the comments. Till next time!